UFC Rankings 2024: Current MMA Standouts Revealed

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ufc rankings 2024

The UFC rankings for 2024 have been released, showcasing the current top fighters in the MMA world. These rankings are determined by a panel of media members who vote for the fighters they believe are the best in each weight class and pound-for-pound. Let’s take a closer look at the standouts in the UFC rankings for 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • The UFC rankings for 2024 have been unveiled, revealing the top fighters in the sport.
  • The rankings are based on votes from a panel of media members who determine the best fighters in each weight class.
  • These rankings highlight the current standouts in the world of MMA and can change as fighters continue to compete.
  • The UFC rankings are a great resource for fans and analysts to gauge the talent and skill in each weight class and pound-for-pound.
  • Stay tuned for more updates on the UFC rankings and the success of these remarkable athletes.

UFC Men’s Rankings

When it comes to the UFC men’s rankings, there is no shortage of incredible talent in different weight classes. Let’s take a look at some of the top-ranked fighters who have showcased their skills and dominance in their respective divisions.

Lightweight Division

At the top of the lightweight division, we have Islam Makhachev. With an impressive record and a strong performance in his recent fights, Makhachev has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the octagon.

Heavyweight Division

In the heavyweight division, Jon Jones holds a prominent position in the rankings. Known for his exceptional skills and versatility, Jones has established himself as one of the best fighters in the division.

Featherweight Division

Alexander Volkanovski has secured a high ranking in the featherweight division. With his strategic fighting style and impressive wins, Volkanovski has become a formidable opponent for any challenger in his weight class.

Bantamweight Division

Sean O’Malley has made a name for himself in the bantamweight division with his unique fighting style and knockout power. His flashy techniques and entertaining performances have earned him a spot among the top-ranked fighters.

Lightweight Division

Charles Oliveira, the current lightweight champion, has shown tremendous skill and determination in his fights. His ability to finish opponents and his overall dominance in the division has solidified his position in the rankings.

These fighters, along with many others in the UFC men’s rankings, continue to push the boundaries of their divisions and leave a lasting impact in the world of MMA.

Rank Fighter Division
1 Islam Makhachev Lightweight
2 Jon Jones Heavyweight
3 Alexander Volkanovski Featherweight
4 Sean O’Malley Bantamweight
5 Charles Oliveira Lightweight

UFC Women’s Rankings

The women’s rankings in the UFC are a testament to the incredible talent and skill possessed by female fighters in the sport. These rankings showcase the best of the best, highlighting the top contenders and champions in each weight class.

Alexa Grasso currently holds the top spot in the flyweight division. With her impressive skills and determination, she has proved to be a formidable opponent inside the octagon. Her rise to the top of the rankings is a result of her consistent performances and ability to dominate her opponents.

Zhang Weili reigns as the strawweight champion and continues to impress fight after fight. Known for her aggressive style and exceptional striking ability, she has successfully defended her title and solidified her status as one of the most dominant fighters in her weight class.

Valentina Shevchenko, the reigning flyweight champion, is widely regarded as one of the most skilled fighters in the UFC. Her technical precision and versatility make her a tough challenge for any opponent. She has consistently displayed her dominance in the flyweight division and continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Julianna Peña, a highly skilled fighter with a well-rounded game, holds a prominent position in her respective weight class. Her mix of striking and grappling abilities has allowed her to achieve impressive victories and secure a high ranking.

Erin Blanchfield has made a name for herself in the women’s rankings with her exceptional performances and tenacity. Her ranking in the flyweight division is a testament to her skills and potential for future success in the UFC.

UFC Women’s Rankings Overview

These women, along with many other talented fighters in the UFC, continue to push the boundaries of the sport and inspire others with their dedication and skill. The women’s rankings serve as a testament to the growth and evolution of women’s MMA, highlighting the depth of talent and the fierce competition within each weight class.

The UFC’s commitment to promoting and showcasing women’s fighting talent has resulted in extraordinary moments inside the octagon and has elevated the sport to new heights. The future looks bright for women in the UFC, and the rankings provide a glimpse into the impressive roster of fighters who continue to make history.

UFC Flyweight Rankings 2024

UFC flyweight rankings 2024

In the highly competitive flyweight division, the UFC rankings for 2024 showcase some of the most talented fighters in the sport. At the top of the rankings is Erin Blanchfield, boasting an impressive record of 12-1. Blanchfield has already proven herself as a formidable force in women’s MMA and is considered one of the rising stars in the division.

Joining Blanchfield in the flyweight rankings are other notable fighters who have displayed their exceptional skills and continue to make strides in the division. Tatsuro Taira, known for his technical prowess and striking ability, holds a prominent position in the rankings. Khasan Magomedsharipov, with his aggressive fighting style and grappling expertise, is also a force to be reckoned with. Felipe dos Santos, a well-rounded fighter with a diverse skill set, rounds out the list of notable contenders in the flyweight division.

These fighters have all showcased their talents and dedication inside the Octagon, continuing to climb the ranks in the flyweight division. With their impressive performances, they are sure to captivate audiences and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of UFC flyweight MMA.

UFC Flyweight Rankings 2024:

Rank Fighter Record
1 Erin Blanchfield 12-1
2 Tatsuro Taira 9-2
3 Khasan Magomedsharipov 10-1
4 Felipe dos Santos 8-3

UFC Lightweight Rankings 2024

The lightweight division in the UFC is renowned for its exceptional talent and incredible depth. The official rankings for 2024 reflect the exceptional skill of the fighters competing in this weight class. At the top of the rankings sits Islam Makhachev, who boasts an impressive record of 25 wins and only 1 loss. Makhachev has established himself as a dominant force in the division and currently holds the lightweight championship title.

Joining Makhachev in the lightweight rankings are some other notable fighters who have showcased their exceptional skill and continue to make their mark on the division. One familiar name in the rankings is Jon Jones, a talented fighter who has transitioned to the lightweight division and has already made an impact.

Another fighter to watch in the lightweight rankings is Charles Oliveira. Oliveira’s technical prowess and relentless determination have earned him a well-deserved spot among the top-ranked fighters in the division.

Lastly, we have Michael Morales, an emerging talent who has caught the attention of MMA enthusiasts with his remarkable performances and potential for greatness. As he continues to prove himself in the lightweight division, Morales is expected to climb the rankings even further.

It’s worth noting that the lightweight division is known for its competitive nature, with fierce rivalries and intense matchups. The UFC lightweight rankings for 2024 present a compelling mix of established champions and rising stars, making this division one of the most exciting to watch in the MMA world.

Rank Fighter Record
1 Islam Makhachev 25-1
2 Jon Jones TBD
3 Charles Oliveira TBD
4 Michael Morales TBD


The UFC rankings for 2024 provide a comprehensive look at the current MMA standouts in the sport. These rankings showcase the top fighters in each weight class and the pound-for-pound rankings, reflecting the depth of talent within the UFC.

From the highly competitive men’s division to the rising stars in the women’s division, these rankings highlight the skill and dedication of the athletes. The men’s division boasts outstanding fighters such as lightweight champion Islam Makhachev and heavyweight contender Jon Jones. In the women’s division, standouts like flyweight leader Alexa Grasso and strawweight champion Zhang Weili continue to show their dominance.

It’s important to note that these rankings are not static and can change as fighters consistently compete and demonstrate their abilities in the octagon. As the year progresses, fans can look forward to more updates on the UFC rankings and the continued success of these remarkable athletes. Stay tuned for the latest developments in the UFC rankings for 2024.

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